Common Health Issues In French Lop Rabbits: Prevention And Care – March 2024

French Lop rabbits are known for their large size, distinctive appearance, glossy coat, and docile personality, making them a popular breed of domestic rabbits. However, they have their fair share of health conditions that can interfere with their overall growth and development.

french lop rabbits

Understanding French Lop Rabbit Personality

If you are seeking a companion rabbit who has all the right attributes, then French Lop Rabbit should be your ideal candidate. These cute animals are more than their striking outward appearance, unbelievably long floppier ears and huge round eyes as they also portray a great character and temperament.

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These bunnies have a loving and caring disposition that makes people fall in love with them every time. Whether you are one of those families with children or a single traveller, the French Lop is just there to brighten your life even more by bringing some warmth into it.

Their casual nature is what makes them great friends. They are not easily thrown off balance and this makes them ideal for hectic families or those calm evenings when you just want to lie down and relax.

lop rabbit personality

Common Health Issues Of French Lop Rabbits


Inflammation leads to an ear disease called otitis, a common condition among lop-eared rabbits usually caused by mite infestations. It is recommended to do regular earlobe inspections to catch the first signs of infection. A scratchy appearance or an overall listless look could be otitis and it needs a vet visit as soon as possible.

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In the last few years, obesity has become a major issue in pet rabbits especially when they are not neutered. Weight gain in French lop rabbits does not occur very quickly and it can remain undetected if gradual weight gain is observed for a long time. Nevertheless, it causes several complications related to health and impacts the French lop rabbit’s motor functions such as exercising, grooming itself, or staying clean.

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It is important to adopt a healthy diet plan and to provide your French lop rabbit with adequate exercise opportunities to prevent obesity. As a result of being overweight, French lop rabbits can become attractive targets for flies, which can develop into fly strike – a life-threatening condition. Owners should regularly check the weight of their rabbits and seek veterinarian help if there is a likelihood of obesity.

Respiratory Issues

Respiratory infections take up to 20% of the rabbit population and can serve as a primary cause of illness in some cases. French Lop is susceptible to respiratory diseases due to a poorly ventilated area or exposure to drafts. Keep their surroundings clean, ventilated and dust-free. Routine veterinary examinations help to detect respiratory problems at the early stages.

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health issues in lop rabbits

Dental Occlusion

Rabbits are famous for their continuously growing teeth, and they must chew them to break down constantly. Dental malocclusion is a condition in which the top and bottom teeth of a rabbit do not meet properly. This misalignment when left untreated results in overgrown teeth that make the bunny unable to feed and have a drink.

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Owners should look for any signs of dental malocclusions such as difficulty in chewing or changes in behavior. To solve the problem, veterinarians file down their teeth while the rabbit is under anesthesia. Some extreme cases can necessitate more regular dental interventions, underscoring the significance of prevention.

Gastrointestinal Stasis

French Lops, as is the case with most rabbit breeds, are also at risk of suffering from gastrointestinal stasis, whereby the digestive system slows down or stops briefly. It can also be due to fibre deficiency, dehydration, or dental problems. Make sure your rabbit gets enough fibre, featuring hay and leafy greens. Frequently examine their teeth to avoid tooth issues.

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Fact: Approximately 85% of all health issues in rabbits are related to dental problems and digestive issues.

Fly Strike

This medical condition is a result of flies being attracted to dirty or wet fur. The flies lay their eggs on the rabbit, and these hatch into maggots very soon. If these maggots infest the rabbit, they can burrow into its skin causing serious damage and death if nothing is done to deal with them.

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Fly strike happens most commonly between the periods of April to October which are summer months. The symptoms of restlessness, irritation, wet fur and a peculiar smell from the tail area, must not be ignored.

Early diagnosis is essential because on-time intervention is vital to save your bunny’s life. To prevent rabbit fly strikes, the owners should ensure clean dry living conditions and engage in regular grooming.

lop rabbit care guide

Preventive Measures

Balanced Diet

For the French Lops, a balanced diet constitutes the bedrock of health. The digestive system of these fluffy critters has been exquisitely designed to consume large doses of fibre. Hay as a form of fiber should constitute the bulk of their diet. All this in turn prevents gastrointestinal problems and supports general digestive health. Fresh vegetables supplement their diet in terms of nutrients while controlled pellets provide balanced meals.

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Fact: Have you heard that the digestive system of a rabbit is equipped with the ability to digest huge quantities of fibre, which ensures hay is an essential dietary product for these animals. Your rabbit should eat at least 70% hay.

On the other hand, it is important to avoid high-calorie snacks. Those treats seem like an act of love but can lead to weight gain and other medical problems.

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Regular Exercise

Like us, French Lops need regular exercise to be fit and healthy. Physical activity does not only help prevent obesity but also helps to ensure proper mental and emotional health. Let your rabbit hop around safely and freely. Interactive toys can also stimulate mental and physical wellbeing.

Dental Care

Teeth monitoring is an important part of the French Lop’s health routine. The teeth of French lop rabbits do not stop growing, and an adequate supply of suitable chew toys ensures natural wear-off. Check your rabbit’s teeth regularly for signs of overgrowth or dental problems. In the event of serious cases, seek advice and dental treatment from a qualified vet.

lop rabbit grooming tips

Grooming Tips

Brushing Basics

Although French lop rabbits are unlikely to have long hair, they need to be groomed regularly to keep them healthy. Pay attention to several requirements related to their grooming such as nail trims, ear cleanings, baths, and even tooth trims based on your own rabbit’s needs.

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Nail Trims and Ear Cleanings

It is essential to have regular trimming of the nails for a French lop to prevent discomfort and injury. Moreover, since their ears fold backward, ear hygiene is extremely critical to prevent the build-up of contaminants, and moisture. These details contribute significantly to total ear health.

Understanding Shedding Patterns

French lop rabbits molt normally, but major molts take place twice a year, in spring and fall. When your rabbit enters one of these molt stages, gear yourself for undue care and attention due to higher levels of fur shedding.

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French lops have short hair, but the fur is still dense. Breeders recommend daily brushing using a soft bristle brush to reduce loose hair, all scattered around your home. Add weekly fur grooming sessions.


When giving your rabbit a bath, use mild dish soap and lukewarm water and make sure not to submerge the rabbit entirely. Clean soiled areas and avoid water contact with their sensitive parts such as ears. After you rinse off the soap from your rabbit, towel dry him very well to prevent pain or disease.

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But be careful during baths because rabbits are sensitive to temperature changes.

types of lop rabbits

Different Types of Lop Rabbits

Holland Lop Rabbit

The Holland Lop was initially bred due to its floppy ears but today it is known for its beauty and cuteness. They are one of the top rabbit breeds, and rightfully so! These small fluff balls are playful and friendly, making them excellent pets for families, couples, or singles.

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How long do Holland lop rabbits live?

With proper care, Holland Lop rabbits can live for an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years, with some even reaching 12 or 14 years.

Mini Lop Rabbit

Mini Lops are smaller breeds, with the same appearance as their larger counterparts but in a condensed form. They are small in size yet big in character, and quite popular among rabbit enthusiasts.

Lop Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionhead Lop, a newer breed, adds a twist with a mane of fluffy fur around its head and chest, resembling a tiny lion. This mane needs regular brushing to prevent matting. While playful and affectionate, they can be more independent than Miniature Lops.

lop rabbit training

Training your French Lop Rabbit

Leash Training

Leash training can be a very pleasant experience for both you and your French lop rabbit. Start with a harness specifically made to accommodate larger rabbits such as the French lop. Make sure it fits the animal but comfortably, without any constriction.

To promote good behavior, apply verbal coaxing and give treats while gradually introducing the leash. The patient nature of this process enables your rabbit to relate the leash with positive memories; outdoor talks become a fun quest for your furry friend.

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Feces Training

Feces training your French lop is not an easy task. However, with consistency and a little sternness, you can train rabbits to use litter tray thereby reducing the amount of cleaning up.

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Choosing the Right Enclosure

French lops can be housed both indoors and outdoors. If you choose an outdoor hutch, make sure it is big enough so that the rabbit can jump around. As a general rule, the cage size should be at least four times the size of your French lop, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free habitat.

french lop rabbit health tips


French Lop care involves knowing and dealing with common health problems. To maintain good fur condition, regular grooming should be carried out as it is the effective way to avoid any health complications. Do not forget that the process of training your French Lop can be interesting and even pleasant, both with leash walking and litter box training.

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