DIY Rabbit Toys: How to Engage in Fun and Enriching Activities with Your Bunny – January 2024

Are you a pet owner who is tired of their bunnies constantly chewing toys for rabbits? Are you tired of getting them new rabbit toys every month? Are you looking for solutions to reduce the cost of toys for rabbits? Then this is the article to read. But first, let us discuss why rabbits tend to destroy everything in their reach.

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Rabbits are naturally curious animals. They like to spend their time sniffing objects, foraging, or digging in the ground. To focus this energy on non-destructive things, owners give them toys to play with. However, they may chew on these too. Not giving them some form of entertainment is not be an option. Rabbits can easily get sick if they do not have any activity in their routine. Read ASPCA guideline for suitable rabbit toys.

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Why Should You Give Toys to Rabbits?

  • Rabbits have high energy levels, and they need constant attention. They love to play and hop around. Bunny pets do not get much time outdoors and do not have that much space as well. So to prevent boredom or depression, you need to give them some rabbit toys to keep them engaged.
  • Rabbit toys help the rabbits to stay vigilant. It does not make them feel lonely or stressed. These animals like to solve puzzles, and such types enrich their minds. Bunnies have a higher chance of gaining weight. Especially those who live a slow lifestyle. Toys help to keep them active and shed those extra pounds they are prone to gain due to an inactive lifestyle.
  • Rabbit enrichment is another reason to add toys to their daily routine. Daily exercises help to keep your bunnies active and healthy. Experts suggest that all bunnies must be kept in pairs. Social interaction is necessary for them. However, if your pet rabbit is single, he needs various toys. Ensure rabbit toy rotation so that he does not get bored.

Bunny bonding activities are important, and toys help to build an unbreakable bond with them. Buying new and creative rabbit toys from the market is quite easy. But why buy them when you can easily make them at home? Here are a few Rabbit activity ideas that you can use to keep them happy.

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Types of DIY Rabbit Toys You Can Make

A Bunny Tunnel

In the wild, rabbits dig and make tunnels underground. Make an artificial tunnel to give them the same feel. You can take any discarded cardboard lying around in the home. Make it a tube and connect the ends together. You can also use a piece of plastic or concrete tube. Stuff the tube with newspaper shreds to give them the feel of an underground tunnel.

Rabbit enrichment

Egg Carton Sandwich

Bunnies love to forage, and this simple DIY toy will make it worthwhile. We all have egg cartons in our house. Make sure to remove any stickers from it. Place your rabbit’s favorite vegetables at the bottom of the egg carton. Make sure to cut them into chunks. You can use carrots, lettuce, or any other vegetable. Take hay and sprinkle it all over the vegetables. If you want to make it more challenging for your bunny, close the egg carton. It increases the difficulty level since the rabbit must make more effort to get the treats.

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A Food Dispenser with a Toilet Paper Roll

These are simple and easy Rabbit treat-dispensing toys to make for your bunnies. It can give hours of fun, keeping them engaged. The dispenser will give treats to your rabbit as they figure out how to get them out.

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Take an empty toilet paper roll and cut tiny holes in it with the help of scissors. The holes must be big enough for the treats to fall out when the roll is tossed. Close the tubes so that the treats do not fall out from the ends of the tube. Place the treats or pellets inside, and voila! Your simple DIY rabbit toy is ready. Make sure to use organic ingredients instead of sugary treats.

Hanging Rolls

Curious rabbits like to tug and pull on things, especially when they smell the scent of their favorite treats. Hanging rolls are another Interactive rabbit toys that will improve their mental health and give them a healthy diet at the same time. Take three tissue paper rolls for this toy and poke holes on the top and bottom. All the holes must align with one another. Pass a string through these holes and tie a knot so the tubes do not slide over one another.

Rabbit activity ideas

Stuff the tissue rolls with hay and leafy greens, and add a bit of vegetables too. Do not worry about the final appearance of the toy as long as it serves the purpose. Stuff the veggies or treats as far as possible. This way, your rabbit must work hard to reach their favorite treats. Hang this toy in your rabbit’s enclosure whenever you want them to play with it.

Digging Box

Rabbits dig out everything in their reach- your floor, garden, and rugs. Rabbit-proofing your home is a good step when buying a pet bunny. But how will you allow them to dig according to their instinct? Dig boxes for rabbits can be an easy way out.

You can also add this box to the DIY rabbit playground. All you need for this DIY toy is a cardboard box and crumpled-up paper. Yes! That is all. Ensure that you remove all pins and staples from the box. Cut the flaps from one side to create an entrance for your rabbit.

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Shred newspaper or old pages and shred them. Crumple these strips of paper and put them in the box. Now hide treats in the box for your rabbit to find. Add a handful of pellets and leafy greens. Do not hide any other rabbit toys with pointy edges or wooden blocks. Your bunny will love foraging in this digging box for their favorite treats.

Interactive rabbit toys

Hidden Puzzle Toy

Hidden Rabbit puzzle toys step up the game for your bunnies. It is a bit more complicated than all the previous toys. The main concept behind this stimulating rabbit play is to create a platform for your rabbits to lift out things to find the treats.

You will again need an empty tissue box and toilet rolls for this toy. These toilet rolls must fit exactly inside the box. Cut out the box’s top and leave 1 to 2 inches off the wall. You can use the help of a ruler and pen if you want. Now, you must cut the toilet rolls in half. Discard the other half, as you will not need them.

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Now fold the tissue rolls so that they make a concave shape. It will allow your rabbit to hold, and the rolls will not fall out. Fit these toilet rolls neatly inside the box and place the open side of the rolls down. Hide leafy greens under the inside of the tubes. That is all! Watch your rabbit figure out the puzzle and forage for food under those tissue rolls. Once your rabbit finds the treats, set the platform again to start another round.

Sticks and Blocks

Rabbits love to chew on stuff. Unlike humans, rabbit teeth grow throughout and war out when they grind and chew food. Chewing toys for rabbits is another good option for you to consider for your bunny.

Wood attracts rabbits, and it is good for their dental health too. Quick chew toys for rabbits can be made from branches and sticks from any tree. They particularly like branches from willow, apple, and hazel trees. Read more on which material is safe for rabbits to chew.

Ensure that the wood is free from any pesticides or chemicals. Remove debris or any insects and rinse the branches well. Dry out the branches and cut them into smaller pieces.

Rabbit exercise activities

How Many Rabbit Toys Should You Make?

Rabbits are very intelligent species. Their minds make them highly vigilant and quick-witted. Because of their intelligence, they also get bored easily, especially living in a closed enclosure. Your bunny may get bored if you give them the same toy daily. Therefore, keeping a variety of rabbit toys at hand is important. Makes changes in their playtime and give them different toys every day. It will allow them to stay intrigued and focused.

Introducing New Toys for Rabbits

Your pet bunny may not always adapt to the new toys easily. It may take some time for them to get used to it. Do not rush them and give them some time to explore it. Here are some tips for you that might help;

  • Introduce every toy slowly. Add one toy at a time. Exposing them to different rabbit toys at the same time can make them confused.
  • Do not force things on your pet bunnies. If they do not like it, give them another option.
  • Use treats and foods in toys for rabbits that they like to eat.

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We hope that this article has helped you in getting some good ideas to make DIY toys for rabbits. Toys for rabbits are a safe and fun way to keep your rabbit busy. It also allows them to stay in their natural behavior. Not only will you have fun making these toys out of scratch, but you will also enjoy watching them play.

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